Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mom

With Mom on my 1st birthday
We lost my mom in 2009 and each year it feels really strange as another birthday passes by. It still feels odd having Labor Day weekend free; that used to be a time to get together to celebrate with her. Time to make her a white cake with strawberries on top. Time to relax on their sailboat. Time to watch a cheesy romantic comedy together with a coffee table covered in snacks, all artfully arranged on perfect serving dishes.

This year, I'm thinking of all the things she's missed since then. Our engagement and wedding, my daughter's birth and her milestones since, her first grandson graduating high school and now off to college and her second grandson starting high school. But also just all those steamy summer afternoons lazing on the bay, quiet evenings cuddled in the ridiculously too cold air conditioning under a pile of blankets, and all the decorating she'd be doing for the autumn about now.  Yes, we miss the big days, but even more we miss those no-agenda sorts of days and everyday changes. Four years later, I still have little moments I think how much I'd like to call her to tell her some little thing that happened.

Well, Mom, today the kiddo sang happy birthday for the first time. I know that one's for you and thought you'd get a kick out of it. And I'm sure she would be happy to take a piece of your strawberry cake.