Friday, August 9, 2013

Mount Airy Playground/Sprayground

Mt. Airy Playground (Source:
I've been trying out playgrounds in the area to find a good variety of activities. I'm on the quest for the best places to stay cool while getting some fun time for the toddler. Today we tried out the Mount Airy Playground/Sprayground at Germantown Avenue and Sedgwick Street.

There are plenty of regular and baby swings, so kiddo was happy. The tot lot has three slides, all metal. They did mean trying to teach kiddo to keep her feet up so she wouldn't stop multiple times on the way down the slide, but she had fun. I wonder how hot those would get on a sunnier day. The play surface is a great, bouncy rubber and there were some fun bouncing toys and one single-kid spinning ride. The sprayground wasn't turned on. I'm still not sure if she'd go for it yet as she's just beginning to walk a little bit. I think once she gets more comfortable walking on her own those will be a great way to cool down.

Bonuses: There's free street parking on Germantown and on Sedgwick plus you can combine this with a stop to the Lovett Branch of the Free Library just across the street (maybe your toddler won't end up screaming at the top of her lungs like mine did. FISH!! Yes, there are some tiny little fish in a tank by the kids' librarian that might delight your child like mine). Downside: There's really not any shade at the playground, so bring plenty of sunscreen. We'll probably save that one for cloudier or cooler days.

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